Adoption – References

Expectant Mother – Adoption Journey Series…


Point number three on the Adoption Application Form almost stopped me in my tracks.

A minimum of four references are required, including one from each of the following:

  1. an individual who has known the applicant(s) for a minimum of 2 years;
  2. an individual who has had an active association with the applicant(s) over the previous 6 months;
  3. an involved member of the applicant(s) extended family; and
  4. if there are any adult children living outside of the home, at least one of these children. (if there are no adult children, please include another reference from #2)

This was one of the things that made me feel like perhaps I shouldn’t get my hopes up. One of the references had to be a family member.

“an involved member of the applicant(s) extended family;”

Technically, I don’t have any family that I could ask. Continue reading Adoption – References

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Adoption – Required Forms

Expectant Mother – Adoption Journey Series…

Following on from the previous post, I felt this information might be helpful to others who are reading along and thinking about adoption…

The required forms were as follows:

  • The Application to Adopt – a five page document that is about you. Your work history, cultural/racial heritage, belief systems, interests, financial standing, medical history, upbringing, and references.
  • The Adoption Questionnaire – this is a two page questionnaire about the children that you would like to adopt. It asks questions like age, race, religion, disabilities the child may have, and the types of backgrounds they may come from (experiences they may have encountered in their short, sometimes uncomfortable lives). This form comes with a booklet of explanations on some of the health issues and mental challenges listed to assist you to make your choices.
  • Then there were two or three other forms, that were one page forms giving consent for things like criminal records check, and consent to collection and disclosure of information.

When I say that the forms that are required to be considered as an adoptive parent candidate are not as scary as I had imagined, I feel as though I have a little authority on this matter – as an immigrant to Canada I had to fill in A LOT of forms to become a citizen (starting with a working visa, then permanent residency, then citizenship). So in comparison, the forms for adoption are a piece of cake!

Of course, you do still need to know where you lived for the last five years, where you worked, what your income and expenses are, and you will need to write a little about your spiritual beliefs and how you might want to raise your children. But with a little thought and attention you can easily fill in The Application to Adopt form in under an hour.

The Questionnaire was a little trickier, Continue reading Adoption – Required Forms

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Adoption – First meeting with my social worker

Expectant Mother – Adoption Journey Series…

Theresa had given me her email address the night we met at the Adoption Information Session to get in contact with her about a follow up meeting, and I emailed her the very next day.

Hi Theresa,
Thank you for holding the information session yesterday evening.  And please thank Jennifer and Sally too.
As mentioned last night, I would like to explore adoption (and possibly foster care) and am interested in talking about the process and the next steps. If you have some time in the next few weeks to get together I would greatly appreciate it.
Here are the times I have free and I hope something will gel for  us both!

·         Monday 10 June
·         Monday/Tuesday 17 & 18 June
·         Friday 21 June (after 4pm)
·         Mon-Fri 24-28 June (after 4pm)
Please let me know if any of these times work for you.
In the meantime, I will have a look at the websites you highlighted.
Thank you again,

I am not certain if this is the way others do it, maybe other people just get the information, fill in the forms and be done with it.

I needed to discuss the paperwork, the process, get a feel for the social worker first and see if this was a process that I trusted and that I wanted to follow through. I wanted more information and guidance, but more than anything I wanted encouragement, support, and assurance.

This meeting was important to me. Continue reading Adoption – First meeting with my social worker

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Adoption – First Whisper

Expectant Mother – Adoption Journey Series…

As a student of the law of attraction for many years now I realise that there are no coincidences in life, however, as a human being with a human life (and lots of contrary beliefs going on inside of me) for many years more than my learning of the law of attraction – sometimes I forget that everything coming to me was pre-paved by me and I have a “wow, how did this happen?” moment! I love those moments! This was one of them, the first of many in my desire to become an adoptive parent. The First Whisper that adoption was possible for me.

Jennifer and I were both volunteering in the VIP tent at our town’s largest summer festival over the August long weekend. I am on the committee for this festival and work wherever needed, that year it was the VIP tent. Jennifer is married to one of the committee members and has been volunteering for the VIP tent since its introduction a few years ago.

I’ve met Jennifer many times before and always enjoyed talking with her, however, we’d never gotten to the point of “what do you do?”

During those two long days standing around serving our VIP’s beer and wine, we started talking about all sorts of things. Eventually, our occupations came up and she told me that she is a social worker placing foster kids in our community.

I was interested immediately and I told her I’d thought about fostering children and might be interested one day, and I lightly mentioned that I’d really like to adopt children. (At this point I didn’t believe that was possible as a single person.)

We went about serving some more customers, while my mind whirred with questions, when the line died down I ventured…, “do you know much about the adoption system?” Continue reading Adoption – First Whisper

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Adoption – Universal Forces

Expectant Mother – Adoption Journey Series…

There are those moments in your life where things just happen in a way that is ‘not of this world’ in their perfection, those moments where you can clearly see the handiwork of a force bigger than “self”. They feel tangibly like the handiwork of Universal Forces.

It was a Tuesday like any other Tuesday. I got up, showered, dressed, made breakfast, and while going through the motions my mind filled with random thoughts…what I needed to do today, recapping what had happened yesterday, conversationally checking in with how I felt today, random thoughts (and internal dialogue) of things I still want to achieve: publication, online writing success, children, family, husband, lottery win, year round vacations, etc.

I remember lingering on the family and children thought as I considered *again* that perhaps the best way to have that family that I finally – after all these years – desired, was going to be through adoption.

“I want to adopt.” the thought resonated in my mind. Continue reading Adoption – Universal Forces

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