Trying Differently Rather Than Harder

This past week I read the book called “Trying Differently Rather Than Harder – Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders” by Diane Malbin, M.S.W.

This easy to read, easy to understand, book is only 80 pages including references and appendices, but it is jam-packed full of useful information and insights.

The book is broken into five sections: Continue reading Trying Differently Rather Than Harder

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The Future – Travelling with kids

I love travel.

I love the excitement of seeing something new. I love the actual “travelling” part of travel – the flight, or the car ride, or the motion of a ship when on a cruise.

I love being in motion.

And I love experiencing the incredible beauty in the world with its magnificent colours and the ever changing landscapes.

Sampling foods is another enjoyable part of travel for me – not to the extremes, you won’t catch me eating live grubs or anything – but tasting the flavours of each location even in everyday foods is another part of travel that I enjoy (note: pizza is not the same the world over!). Continue reading The Future – Travelling with kids

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Adoption – Courses – Siblings in Adoption Part 2

Online course offered by AFABC Presented by Randy Simpson and Cathy Gilbert Hosted by Erin Melvin, AFABC

Rider: My notes here are written as the sessions flowed for me and are about the subjects that caught my attention. These sessions held much more information than is presented here and discussions were often driven by the course participants and their questions. If you are considering adoption and either have children already or are interested in adopting siblings then I would highly recommend attending this course.

Click here for my Part 1 overview.

This second session in the series focused more on adopting a sibling group, rather than extending an existing family through adoption.

We started the course with some statistics about how many children were currently – at the time of the course – registered for adoption in BC (did not include kids in foster care).

The numbers were staggering: Continue reading Adoption – Courses – Siblings in Adoption Part 2

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