How do you pick a surname?


What is a surname anyway? Does it need to have a love connection to who you are today?

So much of our everyday lives are identified by our surname, how connected should we be to that name and does it “identify” who we are as people?

Here’s my question: Is it wrong to use a name that is no longer lovingly connected? Continue reading How do you pick a surname?

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ReMoved – A Review

This powerful and confronting short film (of just under 13 minutes) shows a deeply moving insight into foster care through the eyes of a child.

I was first introduced to this short film through a single parent adoptive support group on Facebook and the people who shared the film, or made comment, mentioned that it was well done from the point of view of the children they had seen or been involved with in the foster care system.

A social worker I spoke with about the film, mentioned that this was a great insight into a mild case of disruption, but that sadly many others are not so lucky – their journey is not just two transitions, but multiple transitions and disruptions spanning years.

ReMoved the film: Continue reading ReMoved – A Review

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Adoption Education Program (AEP)

Three weeks ago I started the final piece of the adoption approval puzzle, the Adoption Education Program (AEP) run by the Adoptive Families Association of BC (AFABC) –

While I cant reproduce the content, or talk about it specifically – as I signed a nondisclosure agreement at the beginning of the course – I would still like to share how I’m feeling abut the things that I’m learning.

So far, the past weeks have been powerful, challenging, and sometimes confronting.

I’ve gained a clearer understanding of the loss involved in adoption for the child, for the biological family, the foster parents, and even for the adoptive parents. Continue reading Adoption Education Program (AEP)

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The seeds we sow

Since starting the adoption process about 10 months ago, I’ve been more aware of the stories I tell myself, the words I use over and over again, the beliefs that I hold, and questioning how they affect my life.

Do these stories enhance my life or do they limit me?

I was talking the other day with a friend and we got onto the subject of rice.

He told me how rice lasts forever once you cook it. He said, “You can keep it for weeks after cooking it.”

I replied, “Oh no you can’t! It’s a big germinator. It’s got a very short life. Two days in the fridge, three max.” Continue reading The seeds we sow

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