My evening as a sitter

Last week I babysat for two wonderful kids, a boy aged 7, and a girl aged 4 (nearly 5 – as she told me all night!).

It’s been about 5 years since I babysat kids that age.

I arrived at 5pm and the kids were hiding in the closet…playing of course! I brought pizza with me and that lured them out as it is one of their favourite foods! (good choice!) Continue reading My evening as a sitter

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Adoptive Parents Support Groups

Although I am not yet an adoptive parent, I knew that as a single mom I would need the support of good people in my community. And even more so as a single mom to a ‘child from hard places’, as Dr Karyn Purvis would say, I would need support from people who understand adoption.

There was no support group in the town where I live, but there were many adoptive and pre-adoptive parents – both in my town and the surrounding areas.

So I created an online Facebook group for adoptive parents in our local area, and it has blossomed into a support group both online and in person.

The first two in-person gatherings last year were small affairs, with only seven adults and three children at the first one, and five adults and three children at the second.

We had the third get-together on Sunday and there were 11 adults and seven children! Continue reading Adoptive Parents Support Groups

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Adoption Resource Exchange

Last week I wrote a post in response to the Global News Unfiltered report about the BC Government’s consideration of an “Alberta-style” website being opened up to the general public showcasing children waiting for adoption.

Further to that I have spent time this week trying to gain information about the Adoption Resource Exchange that was mentioned in the interview and was suggested to be an existing site in BC for adoptive parents by invitation only.

Now perhaps it was wishful thinking on my part, as there was no actual mention of this being a “site” just that it was a resource open to approved parents by invitation. However, as the news report was about a website being created for the general public, it stood to reason that the resource mentioned was also a website.

As soon as I heard about this resource open to approved parents by invitation I emailed my social worker to ask her for more information and to get an invitation. Continue reading Adoption Resource Exchange

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