Ali Jayne is (I am) a writer, editor, dreamer, philosopher, photographer, occasional traveller, and soon to be mother, who lives in a smaller coastal Canadian town nestled between the mountains and the ocean in gorgeous British Columbia.

Okay, I confess, I find writing in the third person strange, and I wont do it from this point forward!

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This site will host mostly non-fiction musings about my life and the journey through it.

Foremost in my thoughts and writings right now is the pathway to Adoption through the Ministry in BC, and my desire to reach a state of readiness – a ‘clean slate’ – through self-discovery and my understanding of the law of attraction. Both topics are always in my thoughts and the link between them is great. There will likely be many posts about these two subjects.

Once my children arrive and my family grows I will continue to blog about the new experiences, the changing environment of my life, and likely rave about the love that I feel (and about the things I was not prepared for!)…

As you can see, I have a small number of links to books and resources that I find helpful both in daily life, and on the road to becoming an adoptive parent. The Adoption page and the Attraction page host links to sites I have found helpful.

I hope to share photos of the sometimes breathtaking place in which I get to live too!

And maybe a recipe or two :)… watch this space!

This is all a work in progress and will expand and grow with me.

I hope that some of this site is helpful to others, or of interest, or provides a laugh, or becomes like a friend to you.

Thank you for stopping by… hope to see you again,

Warm smiles and Love,


PS: all names used on this site are pseudonyms, if you recognize yourself in one of these stories I thank you for being a part of my life, a part of my experience, and a part of my journey. 🙂 I adore being a part of yours too.

PPS: all stories are real and/or based on real situations (I am a writer and sometimes I do take poetic license with things that happen – and not always consciously!) if you were there and you remember it differently feel free to share your perception with me privately but know that we all experience from where we are and who we have become – every one of us will see things from our unique base of knowledge and experience.

And again, I thank you for being a part of my life, a part of my experience, and a part of my journey. 🙂 I adore being a part of yours too.



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