As a single person (me) venturing into the world of adoption through the Ministry of Children and Family Development in BC, Canada, I want to share some of the resources I have found helpful.

My blog will offer insights into my process and my perceptions as a “waiting parent”, plus discuss some of the processes like the “home study”, and talk about the books I’m reading, the courses I’m taking, and the things I’m learning.

But this page will be about resources, links to sites that have helped me, and feature some of the books or resources I’ve enjoyed.


Ministry of Children and Family Development (Adoption)
A great resource for all things adoption if you live in BC, Canada. They cover all forms of adoption from international, local (private), and local (from the pool of BC’s Waiting Children).

BC’s Waiting Children, is the way I’ve chosen to go and no choice is better or worse than any other, this one was right for me. These children are mostly from the Foster Care system, and the majority are older than 3 years old right up to the age of 18 years old (where they age out of the system if not adopted).

Adoptive Families Association of BC
Another great resource, with a wealth of information and knowledgeable and supportive workers. I highly recommend checking out both of these sites if you are in BC and wish to adopt.

The AFABC provides courses (both online and in person), news & events, books & resources (I’ve read so many incredible articles about adoption, FASD, parenting, and single parents), a quarterly magazine, and many other resources. Check out the site and become a member (note: membership is not required to access the many resources).

The AFABC also has some Facebook groups that I am extremely grateful to be a member of, and have access to… there are links on their page to these groups.

Adoption Council of Canada
If you are not in BC, check out this site to be directed to the resources in your own province (select Adoption In Canada/Planning). Even if you are in BC, there is a lot of valuable information on this site, including resources and links.

Adopt US Kids
As I live in Canada, I am not familiar with the resources in the US, however a google search just brought up this site and it looks pretty comprehensive. It might be a good place to start.

I’ve also been directed recently to this US Government site: A How to for International Adoption. Thank you to Cooper Brimm from the American Immigration Centre for the link. This page hosts some great links if you are in the US and interested in Adoption.

If you are in the US and you have adopted or you’re in the process and would like me to share a different link that you have found invaluable, please leave me a message and I will update this page. 🙂

Wherever you are located, if you are going through the process yourself, or you have adopted through the foster care system (or any system really) and would like to share your own story, please feel open to doing so – I’d love to read as many positive success stories as possible.

In your comment please let me know if you would like it posted, or if it is just for my eyes only  – eventually I will update my comment form to be more robust, but for now it is what it is!

With an open heart and a warm smile,

Ali Jayne

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