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I felt it might be good to add a FAQ’s page as I go along. Some of the questions that I have asked and the answers that helped me make the decision to move forward.

Of course, these answers may only be relevant in BC, but where possible I will provide some research on the other provinces, and the US.

Qn: Can a single person adopt?
Yes. Absolutely.

Qn: Do I need to have a large house?
Answer: No. And depending on the age of the child you may not even need two bedrooms to begin with!

Qn: I earn minimum wage, can I still adopt?
Answer: Yes you can. Not only does the system not discriminate against you based on your earnings, but there are many support structures in place to provide assistance in that area.

Qn: Does it cost a lot of money?
Answer: No. If adopting through the Ministry, all required courses and forms and police checks are paid for by the Ministry.
There may be minimal costs to you in the form of optional courses (approx. $15 per course) and costs associated with travel to meet your new little ones when that time comes.

Qn: How long does it take?
Answer: This time varies but generally (from what I’ve heard and read) it is between 6-24 months. However, rest assured no children will ever be placed with you until you are both a match and ready to accept this life-change. The best thing to do is get the paperwork done and get on the wait-list for the required Adoption Education Program (AEP). You can not adopt until this course is complete.

I will add more as the questions and answers come up for me in this process. In the meantime, check out the FAQ page on the Ministry site. and the FAQ page on the AFABC site.

Warm smiles and love,

Ali Jayne

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