2nd Be My Parent Event


Saturday I went to my second Be My Parent matching event.

This is one of the smaller events, where they set up separate stations of the kids being profiled with laptops playing video or slideshows, along with a one page information sheet that is available to take home.

There were about 18 stations set up, spread out over 3 different rooms.

The event ran for 2 hours on two separate days (one weekday evening, one weekend day).

I went to the weekend day timeslot and arrived at the beginning – 11am. I found that my SW was there when I arrived and was so grateful! Thank you T for being there 🙂

Quite a few potential parents were milling around when I arrived, and it was a bit crowded in the main room.

I was in no hurry to be anywhere else Continue reading 2nd Be My Parent Event

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AEP Greater Understanding…New Questions

As I round the corner into the final leg of this 12 week course, I feel that I have a greater knowledge base on adoption, on what to expect, on the issues that the children may have faced, on the emotions that they will be having regardless of how smooth or positive their experience beforehand, and of the adoption process…

However, in some ways I find myself with even more questions and even less certainty.

Let me rephrase that.

I am certain I want to adopt, perhaps even more certain now at the end of the course than I was in the beginning.

What I am less certain about, Continue reading AEP Greater Understanding…New Questions

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Homeschooling and Adoption

Lately I am hearing that many adoptive parents choose to home-school their child/ren.

The Adoption Education Program (AEP) that I am currently completing has shown several videos interviewing parents, or interviewing families, and out of the video footage shown and the parents represented – over half are home schooling.

I find that interesting as the program has been created with the sole purpose of preparing pre-adoptive parents for adoption and all that adoption entails.

Perhaps I read too much into things, (perhaps!), but I feel that when I’m doing a course on a subject, and there is a recurring message then it’s wise to listen, consider, and ask questions. Continue reading Homeschooling and Adoption

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FASD – 10 second child in a 5 second world…


“A ten second child in a five second world”

This is the quote I recently heard from a parent who was trying to describe children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).

Some parents I know have suggested it is more like a thirty minute child in a five second world, and that is really a good example of the vast and varying spectrum that is FASD. With a range from mild to extreme.

No two cases are the same, though most are similar in their symptoms. A great resource for a clear look at FASD and the symptoms is this page on the AFABC website.

We delved further into how this disorder affects children this week during the AEP course module on prenatal exposure and I found some of the information shared surprising.

Such as: Continue reading FASD – 10 second child in a 5 second world…

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Your 10 Favourite Things: An exercise in understanding


Your 10 Favourite Things: An exercise in understanding children in care.

Right now, take a moment to think about your 10 favourite things in this life as it stands today.

These “things” could be people, places, pets, objects, pets, etc, whatever you would consider your 10 favourite things. Continue reading Your 10 Favourite Things: An exercise in understanding

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Adoption Education Program (AEP)

Three weeks ago I started the final piece of the adoption approval puzzle, the Adoption Education Program (AEP) run by the Adoptive Families Association of BC (AFABC) – https://www.bcadoption.com/education.

While I cant reproduce the content, or talk about it specifically – as I signed a nondisclosure agreement at the beginning of the course – I would still like to share how I’m feeling abut the things that I’m learning.

So far, the past weeks have been powerful, challenging, and sometimes confronting.

I’ve gained a clearer understanding of the loss involved in adoption for the child, for the biological family, the foster parents, and even for the adoptive parents. Continue reading Adoption Education Program (AEP)

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Trying Differently Rather Than Harder

This past week I read the book called “Trying Differently Rather Than Harder – Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders” by Diane Malbin, M.S.W.

This easy to read, easy to understand, book is only 80 pages including references and appendices, but it is jam-packed full of useful information and insights.

The book is broken into five sections: Continue reading Trying Differently Rather Than Harder

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