Beta Blood Test Results – post FET

Beta Bloods – First Three Results

I’d had my beta blood tests done at, 13dp6dt, 16dp6dt, and 19dp6dt.

On the day following the 19dp test I had an appointment with my doctor.

The first thing he said when he walked through the door into the consulting room was “Congratulations! You’re pregnant!” then he said, “whoops, you did know, right?”

Yes. I told him I’d done 15 pee tests in the past week! I’d become obsessed with testing each day because I was so happy to see two lines I wanted to see those two lines every day.

He laughed and understood, he and his wife had been down this road before and he knew how exciting those positive results were.

Then he pulled up the results to share with me:

Blood test HCG results:

13dp6dt = 486

16dp6dt = 1971

19dp6dt = 5232

He was very happy with the results and said those numbers looked good.

When I got home from the appointment I googled the numbers and found they were good, high even compared to others at the same point in their pregnancies. This made me feel incredibly grateful.

That little blastocyst I saw on the screen was a strong little sucker, and was doing all the things he/she was meant to be doing to become a human. I was really proud of my little nugget, and of my body for doing the right things to support the growth of my nugget.

At this appointment he asked me how I was feeling.

I’d had some symptoms:

  • Tiredness
  • Nausea, all day nausea
  • Constipation for an average of two – three days, followed by a day of diarrhea.
  • Sore boobs.
  • Heavy, warm boobs.
  • And the need to pee CONSTANTLY! As soon as I was done peeing I felt the need to pee again, it was like having a UTI without the searing, burning pain.

So far, I told him, I was controlling the Nausea with food, small amounts of food every few hours and Powerade. The constipation I was hoping to regulate with more vegetables in my meals and a daily dose of prune juice (have you tried this stuff?? Blech! But does the trick!). And the heartburn I took an occasional Tums. There was no cure for the need to pee or the tiredness and I was just living with it.

He wrote me a prescription in support of the nausea, it was a management plan that is safe for pregnancy and involves a pill at the same time every evening, then 1-2 during the day if needed as a boost. They are slow-release pills and keep the nausea at bay all day.

Because I was coping so far, by having a few crackers or apple/pear slices, I decided not to take them at this point.

He also wrote me a requisition for an ultrasound and wrote “URGENT” on it.

I asked about the Urgent part and he said, he wanted to make sure I got an appointment right away.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work and I waited a month for an appointment anyway.

Then he suggested he could try an ultrasound in his office. He told me the equipment he uses is not very strong, and mostly used for much further along in a pregnancy, but we might be able to see something. He reassured me not to panic if we see nothing at this early stage.

So I hopped up on the bed and he tried the ultrasound.

Nope. We couldn’t see anything.

He asked me to come back the following week with a full bladder and we’d try again.

I didn’t care that we didn’t see anything, the beta bloods were strong multipliers and I felt on top of the world that it was confirmed…by my doctor…

I AM definitely PREGNANT!

Warm smiles and Love,



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Two Week Wait

The Two Week Wait…

Some people find this two week wait excruciating. They start testing at 5 days past (dp) and then stress because they’re not sure if they see a line or don’t see a line, so they post the photos and ask for others to weigh in, and then test again at 6dp, 7dp, 8dp, 9dp…many of them stressing themselves into little balls of hopelessness. A part of me envies their excitement.

I was the opposite. I found the idea of testing terrifying. Continue reading Two Week Wait

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PUPO! in Olomouc

Olomouc in early morning fog…

I woke the day after transfer in Olomouc (pronounced: Olomotz) and felt….no different.

Of course, I was now officially considered Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise (PUPO), but I felt no different to the way I’d felt the day before, or the one before that.

This was a little disappointing, because I wanted to feel something that would “prove” to me that I was pregnant, Continue reading PUPO! in Olomouc

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Transfer Day – Part 2

March 30, 2017, continued…

Having communicated with my future little one in my journal, I was feeling calmer and ready for what was to come next… though still a bit disconnected.


L the acupuncturist arrived on time at 9am.

For some reason I stalled a bit getting to her. I guess things were starting to get real.

The hotel helped me stall, by making the elevator take forever. I was on the 7th floor, the top floor, and sometimes the elevator actually took 10 minutes to arrive. This was one of those times. I was grateful for the breather.

L was lovely, she took the time to explain things on the way up in the elevator and set my mind at ease when we got to the room, explaining again what to do. Take of your leggings (I was wearing a dress with leggings) lay on the bed, head at the foot. And she went to wash her hands.

That was a good sign, Continue reading Transfer Day – Part 2

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Transfer Day – Part 1

March 30, 2017 – Transfer Day – Olomouc, Czech Republic

How do I feel?

I wish I could say I was excited. I wish I was excited.

I don’t feel anything much at all really. It’s just another day. I woke at 5:30am to insert the Progesterone, dozed for another 45 minutes or so, then did my early morning Reiki session, followed by my morning dose of Estrogen, showered, went to breakfast, and now I’m here waiting for the Acupuncturist to arrive so she can do her thing.

Like a… well, I actually don’t know what… I’ve just adapted to the new normal. Continue reading Transfer Day – Part 1

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Prague to Olomouc – the transfer town

I woke from a delicious sleep in the most comfortable bed ever (thank you Grandior Hotel) with the symphony still playing in my head.

It was official. I was in love with Prague and a little sad to be leaving so soon…but on to new adventures, and an embryo transfer in Olomouc.

With a vow to return to Prague and spend a week next time, I got up and started my day beginning with another incredible breakfast complete with the piano serenade! Continue reading Prague to Olomouc – the transfer town

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My Magnificent Body

I am feeling grateful for my magnificent body. A wondrous feeling!

On Friday, like clockwork, as expected my body produced the last period I will have before the transfer.

Earlier in the week I had a few moments of panic that I made the wrong decision to not use birth control to regulate my flow. Everyone online talked about using it to ensure the transfer date; even those who had regular periods without it, but it didn’t sit right with me. The BCP felt like a step in the wrong direction.

Even my doctor thought it might be a good idea to go on it, but I wanted to trust my body and do this as “naturally” as possible. I didn’t feel right about adding more drugs to the mix.

Perhaps my way of having control of the situation a little more!

Always comes back to control with me! Haha. Continue reading My Magnificent Body

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Am I mom material? Or am I a fraud?

One thing that is freaking me out most of all is that NO ONE is telling me this is a bad idea.

Not the Czech Republic part of the transfer, because a couple of friends have shown concern about this part of it.

But the having a baby part.

NO ONE has been unsupportive of this!


How is this possible?

And why does that make me feel so uncomfortable. Continue reading Am I mom material? Or am I a fraud?

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March Booking – Embryo Transfer

Booking for March Transfer

My flights are booked!


I have been approved as an adoptive parent through the Ministry (adoption from foster care) for 3.5 years, and with one failed match and no other matches, I had almost forgotten what it felt like to be “expecting”.

When I was first approved for adoption, I made announcements, I was giddy with excitement, I was full-throttle about courses, and internal work to become “ready”. Then as the months turned into a year and one year turned into more years, it all seemed more like a hazy dream, rather than something imminent.

For the first year or so, the people to whom I’d made announcements used to constantly check in on me, “Any news?”… until they stopped. Continue reading March Booking – Embryo Transfer

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Embryo Transfer – Husband Required

The only catch with pursuing Embryo Adoption through the Czech Republic was that their laws are such that only a married couple can access these services. Male/female marriage to be precise.

Thankfully, two of the clinics that I contacted (out of the three) only required that I provide identification for my “husband”. He was not required to travel with me.

So I was in search of a friend who would provide me with a copy of their driver’s licence that I could send with my application. Continue reading Embryo Transfer – Husband Required

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