First Day in Prague

Even after a long day of travel, missed connections, and missing luggage, I was a little in love with Prague. My first night was wonderful. The sights (Prague is so beautiful lit up at night), the tastes (good McDonald’s burger!), the sensations (best bed ever), and the feeling of safety that my angel-guide-friend gave me when she met me at the airport, all contributed to my feeling of love for this place.

So the following morning, I was ready to see the sights! I only had one full day in Prague and I wanted to make the most of it.

After a delicious breakfast I headed out. My goal was blending in with the locals and taking the metro to the Museum stop, which was also the Wenceslas Square stop.

Catching the metro was a breeze after S had pointed out how everything worked the night before and I managed to take the right one without a hitch.

I did need directions once I got out of the metro, and people were super helpful and friendly.

In Prague I’d say 90 percent of people speak English and Czech. All the signs, timetables, and menus are in both English and Czech, and it was super easy to communicate. There was only one person that I spoke with (in H&M clothing store) who did not understand English at all but we communicated with hand gestures and amusing loudness!

Pictures will say more here:

Wenceslas Square random photos. Unfortunately due to the position of the sun, I was unable to get a good shot of the statue…:

Astronomical Clock (there were approximately 4,000 people jammed into the small square surrounding this clock, most of them in tour groups…these were the best shots I could get over the heads in the crowd):

St. NIcholas Church:

Charles Bridge:

Prague Castle (in the distance) I didn’t make it there:

Beautiful buildings in between all of those main tourist spots:


The most delicious Caesar salad I’ve ever eaten in my life! Every piece of lettuce was a flavour explosion in my mouth, and the dressing was not at all creamy (?), the chicken was char-grilled and the smoky flavour was the perfect mix with the garlicky deliciousness of the salad. Amazing.

The Symphony! The highlight of my vacation, perhaps even my year. Here’s what I wrote (gushed) to my friends right after returning from the symphony:

Just returned from the most breathtaking experience! I saw the Prague Symphony Orchestra in Municipal Hall, the Smetana Room (google it!)

The conductor, Pietari Inkinen was a sight to behold and I was awestruck by his movements and facial expressions!

They performed, among other things, Peer Gynt, suite No. 1 Op. 46. The fourth part, “In the Hall of the Mountain King,” literally brought me to tears from the power and sheer beauty.

I have tears now just typing this… so moved. So much love poured into sound. Awe-struck.

It might be the highlight of my trip to Prague… perhaps of my year!

I’m so grateful to be here, and to have had this experience!
<3 <3 <3

I’m feeling like I might need to make Symphonies a regular thing for me… but will bring tissues next time!

My luggage arrived at 6pm (supposed to be here at noon!) and I only had 30 minutes to dress for the symphony, (Gah!), but in the end it arrived in time…so that’s all that mattered!

After the Symphony I had a baguette at the Bagetterie Boulevard that was right outside the hotel, which made the most amazing Caesar chicken baguette with wedge potatoes in this cone shaped container that they shmear with a delicious mayonnaise that then melts through them….deee-licous!

One more sleep and my next stop Olomouc.

Warm smiles and Love,

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