My First Snowshoeing Adventure!

Snowshoeing is the Bomb!!


I love firsts!

That heart-racing exhilaration of doing something – anything – for the first time in your life.

(Or for the first time with someone new….like the first time he (or she) brushes your fingertips with his own, or entwines his fingers with yours, or that first kiss, or the first whispered confession of love…oh so exhilarating!)

A few weeks ago, I snowshoed for the first time – and – IT. WAS. AWESOME!!

Best weekend of the year so far! Definitely the one to beat! Continue reading My First Snowshoeing Adventure!

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My First Tandem Skydive!

This past weekend I completed my first ever Tandem Sky Dive!

I’m not going to lie and say it was the most amazing experience of my life – although it was one of them – because it was also completely terrifying!

There were parts that I loved and didn’t love equally!

Still, I’m pretty proud that I put my feet outside of the plane and allowed my body to be propelled from the vessel into the air with nothing but faith Continue reading My First Tandem Skydive!

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Adoption – A safe haven

Expectant Mother – Adoption Journey Series…

Discovery Kids Castle – A safe haven

Let me start this post by saying, this year did not feel like Christmas to me. (sorry for the negative start!)

Now there may have been something in the water because many people in my town voiced this same sentiment without any prompt or comment from me first.

Several things come to mind about why this might be.

  • We had no snow this year, only rain, which made it seem more like fall or spring than winter (still does).
  • I missed the Christmas Parade this year because I was away, and the parade is always a good start to Christmas.
  • I had a cold – and so did almost everyone in my town! A cold is never a fun way to spend the holidays.

As an expectant mother now, knowing that I’m months away from approval as an adoptive parent, knowing that “this time” next year I could be a mom, made this Christmas seem like a bit of a letdown.

Sure, I’ve been on my own for a few years now so being alone at Christmas was not the issue, I actually adore time on my own and Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year. I love all the glitz and sparkles and lights and trimmings. I always still put up a tree, wrap gifts for friends underneath the tree, watch terrible Christmas movies, sing Christmas songs (love Christmas music!), make a small turkey dinner with all the extras, eat Christmas cake and too many chocolates while sipping hot eggnog and rum. I adore Christmas.

And I still did all of that this year too but felt a little “ho-hum” about it.

One thing I did do that surprised me and made me feel a little excited for what is to come, was I bought my future kids a Christmas gift… Continue reading Adoption – A safe haven

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LOA – What I learned from my Mandarin

Life with or without pips?

The law of attraction is absolute. You experience what you are predominantly thinking and feeling. Oftentimes, I “get” that on an intellectual level…

“if I think this, or more aptly FEEL this, then I will live … this.”

However, we human beings are complex and we have a million thoughts and feelings every day and it’s very easy to start to look outside of ourselves for “reasons why” our experience is what it is.

Sometimes, as a gentle reminder, I get the opportunity to notice the correlation between what I’ve been thinking and feeling and what manifests in my reality.

Today this came in the form of Mandarins (or Mandarin-Oranges, as they’re called in North America, or if you’re using self-checkout at the local supermarket it might even be listed under “Oranges-Mandarin”…anyway, digressing!). Continue reading LOA – What I learned from my Mandarin

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Just Do You – Bonus Post with Download

Just do you – bonus post with download!

I wanted to leave you with some positive thoughts while I’m gone for the first few weeks of December, and in that timely way that the Universe does, a friend sent me this list of “Things to Remember” (see below).

I also made it into a PDF (here: Things to Remember) so that you can pull up and print off to read it each day. (It now lives beside my computer at work, along with a beautiful Mark Nepo poem I might share someday…)

It was an email, forwarded through workstations around the world, and sadly I do not know who to credit for this list. However, these are great things to remember and I feel that in sharing them the author will be rewarded with the love it evoked within me and within you as well 🙂

There are so many great points to remember on this list, and all of them resonate with me on a level that makes my heart go “YES!”, but my favourite among them is this very simple one: Continue reading Just Do You – Bonus Post with Download

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Off the grid

Off the grid…!

From Tuesday 3 December until Thursday 12 December I will be off the technological communication grid!

There will be no tweets, no likes, no posts, no blasts, no emails, no texts, no phone calls.

It’s my birthday hiatus…, in the form of a cruise ship, plus a few days with a good friend in Ontario before embarking on my voyage.

For eight blissful days the beautiful Carnival Splendor will be my home as we sail from New York to the Bahamas and the only mode of communication for me will be to actually talk to other humans!

What?! Imagine! 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still taking a whole lot of technology with me – Continue reading Off the grid

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What could you achieve in 10 years if you started today?

It’s been a whirlwind week and I apologize for the lack of posts on the usual topic of impending adoption and parenthood.

However, if you will humour me – I have spent an inordinate amount of time this week thinking about the topic of my heading.

What could you achieve in 10 years if you started today?

Gaining Citizenship last week was an incredible feat for me. It is the first thing in my entire life that I’ve really wanted to achieve and followed through on the achieving of it – even though it took a long time.

It’s the first time I have ever set out with the hope of achieving something, kept my faith that I would achieve it, allowed people and situations to come into my life to help me achieve it, leapt forward with blind faith (sometimes pure arrogance) toward the goal even when the end was not in sight, filled in every form, took passport photo after passport photo as per the requirements, and showed extreme patience waiting for the end result.

And it paid off.

Here is a bit of a timeline on my Citizenship journey for interest: Continue reading What could you achieve in 10 years if you started today?

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O Canada – My home forevermore

Today I became an official Canadian Citizen!!!

I say official, because in my heart I’ve been Canadian since I first set foot on Canadian soil in 2003. It took 10 years to take the oath, and today is one of the proudest moments in my life.

This has been an amazing day.

I was one of 70 people sworn in as Citizens today from 30 countries from around the world.

The ceremony was beautiful, the words spoken heartfelt. When it was my turn to say my name, I choked up. When we all took the oath together in that room (in French and English) I shed tears. The feeling in the room was enormous, the emotion vibrating through us all was palpable.

10 years ago when I left Australia, Continue reading O Canada – My home forevermore

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Adoption – Single Parent

Expectant Mother – Adoption Journey Series…

Is a Single Parent enough?

Like many expectant mothers, I am analyzing everything I do now, everything I believe now, I’m imagining future scenarios and future conversations with my children at various stages of their life – and at various ages.

I’m wondering if I am truly equipped to be a mom.

Am I ready enough? Sane enough? Stable enough?

Good questions right!?

And the big one:

Is it selfish to take children away from a potential two-parent family?

(That’s the one that always gets me) Continue reading Adoption – Single Parent

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Adoption – First Home Study

Expectant Mother – Adoption Journey Series…

On the very same day that I submitted my Questionnaire, I sent a follow up email to ensure Theresa received it.

Subject: Questionnaire complete
Hi Theresa,
I dropped off my questionnaire for you today.
Please let me know if you have any questions, or need any clarification. Sorry about all of the “extra columns” and additional notes/comments…hope that’s OK… I like to play outside of the lines a little!
It feels a little vulnerable to have filled that in and submitted it. Actually I can only imagine what picture forms from reading it…  I don’t feel uncomfortable about any of it myself, but from the outside looking in I realise it can appear “difficult”.
I’ll look forward to hearing from you, and look forward to the “next step” when it is ready to go ahead.

Theresa responded the same day and I appreciate that about her so much, she never left me hanging.

Thanks Ali…
I have reviewed the questionnaire already;  most people definitely feel as you do;  it’s a very vulnerable state to be in;  someone looking at your past and seeing its role in your present and future.  I have been through the process myself so I fully understand.
Believe me, there was nothing shocking.
So, next step is to start the home study process.
I would suggest meeting at your place some day after work or a day off;  I can be flexible.
Thinking maybe 1-1/5 hours…just as a guideline.
Take care

I was glad that there was nothing shocking in my questionnaire, and that she let me know she’d been through the process herself. That was helpful in allowing me to relax and have faith that she would not judge me because I had a sometimes unstable upbringing.

This was good news. Continue reading Adoption – First Home Study

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