Flight, Freeze, Fight – Personal Crisis Response

I’m terrible in a crisis.

A personal crisis.


Fight. Flight. Freeze.

My first instinct is Flight.

As soon as a personal crisis happens I want to run away from it, it’s instinctual, primal even, everything in my body screams “RUN!”.

And by “run” sometimes that looks like turning my back on the situation and trying to pretend it isn’t there. (Okay, being honest, that is often my go-to.) Continue reading Flight, Freeze, Fight – Personal Crisis Response

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Screaming for help: Part Three

This post follows directly from Part Two

My reluctant driver friend arrived at the designated time with the pillow as requested. He got out and helped me into the car as I’d warned in a text message I would likely need.

We set off.

He asked a few questions about why I wasn’t in an ambulance today as it appeared to him I should have been. I did not know the answer.   Continue reading Screaming for help: Part Three

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Screaming for help: Part Two


This post follows directly from Part One

We left off downloading in the gondola, my arm in agony, no splint, just the sling…

They stopped the gondola to allow me to get out while it wasn’t moving.

The paramedics asked me to get onto the stretcher and were a little short with me when I said I would rather not lie down.

The pain of moving my arm was too much, I couldn’t go through it again. Continue reading Screaming for help: Part Two

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Screaming for help!

“Help! Please. Somebody. Help ME!” I screamed for a about five minutes on repeat before anyone came.

Part One:

On August 29, 2016, I broke and dislocated my elbow.

It was a Monday, and I’d created a long weekend for myself by taking an extra day off work to do with as I pleased.

I love taking Monday’s off; they feel more like a day off than any other day to me.

I’d woken relatively early and, as I watched the morning mist clear, I decided to skip all the other plans I had for the day, domestics – cleaning, laundry, shower & hair wash, etc… and decided to go up the Sea to Sky Gondola to walk one of the trails.

I remember that as I dressed, I debated whether I should have that shower first, wash my hair, then go. It had been three days since I’d washed my hair and normally I wouldn’t consider going out on the third day without washing first.

Instead, I mocked my vanity and pulled my hair into a ponytail. This is something I would regret for days and days, nine days in fact. Continue reading Screaming for help!

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Crisis outweighs heartbreak


Not for the first time in my life has a crisis outweighed what could have been a heartbreaking experience for me.

Crisis outweighs Heartbreak. 

A good friend, someone I considered up and in line with my best of friends, “broke up” with me.

He decided that our differences were too cavernous for his liking and he needed to distance himself from those differences.

The result:  Continue reading Crisis outweighs heartbreak

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