My First Tandem Skydive!

This past weekend I completed my first ever Tandem Sky Dive!

I’m not going to lie and say it was the most amazing experience of my life – although it was one of them – because it was also completely terrifying!

There were parts that I loved and didn’t love equally!

Still, I’m pretty proud that I put my feet outside of the plane and allowed my body to be propelled from the vessel into the air with nothing but faith Continue reading My First Tandem Skydive!

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When I became my own best friend…

Guest Post for Create Write Now

It is such an honour to be invited to guest post on another person’s blog. It is an even greater honour when the blog is not only a site that provides heartfelt advice for personal transformation, but is also about a topic close to my heart.

This week I got to write a guest post for Create Write Now.

Create Write Now focuses on changing your life through the medium of Journal writing. This is an inspired site created by Mari L. McCarthy, who is an author, coach, guide, mentor, journal writer, and musician.

I have been journaling (almost) daily since 2003 and found my greatest friend in the process.

Here is my post:

When I became my own best friend…

“In 2003, after years of dreaming about it, I changed my life by embarking on a solo adventure from Australia to Canada with the intention of moving countries permanently…”   Read the full post here.

If you have never written in a journal or have not thought of using your existing practice of Journaling to change your life, check out Mari’s site. You will find a stream of information on using this wonderful practice to connect with your best you. Something – I feel – we should all strive for in this short lifetime.

Whether you are interested in changing or enhancing your career, losing weight, unleashing your inner creative god/goddess, or connecting with the deepest parts of yourself, Mari has the tools to do this.

Please take a moment to visit her site, as I am sure you will find at least one key to open your life to new, exciting, possibilities…

Warm smiles and Love,

Ali Jayne 🙂

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