Adoption Community – One Love, One Heart…

I remember when I first started the adoption process and I was crying at the smallest gestures of love, of beauty, of nature. I was so open, so raw, so ready.

Then the process took it’s time and it was not really about “kids and family” anymore it was about therapy, courses, books, interviews, and getting to the “approval” stage.

Of course, that part of the process was a necessary part, a practical part, and I learned so much, not only about myself and the parent I want to become, but about children in care and skills for effective parenting. It has been invaluable.

But now the focus is back to the kids and creating a family and I’m feeling Continue reading Adoption Community – One Love, One Heart…

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Paint the walls Pink!

Waiting for a Proposal…

…Package that is…

A proposal package for what might just be my three children.

That’s right, three.

Get all of the “Gru” jokes out of your system now…  OK, are you done?

  • Yes, I’m single.
  • Yes, I’m a first time mom.
  • And yes – I just might be crazy.

But this opportunity came up, and right after another group of three that I was actually starting to consider. There were a few little things that made me uncomfortable about the other group, though I was still considering it, and I feel like it was the little nudge I needed to “grow” in my heart and mind enough to consider three at all. It was the “prep-work” for this next step.

Because when I’d reached a place where I had internally said “OK Ali, why not three?” that one fell through, and almost immediately this one came up.

Three girls.  Continue reading Paint the walls Pink!

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Home Study – Approved!

One week ago today, my home study was signed off and I was officially approved as an adoptive parent!


I want to thank my wonderful social worker for all of her encouragement, support, guidance, advice, acceptance, and the words of hope and wisdom she constantly shared with me. I feel so grateful that she is the one who is walking with me as we have journeyed from the first meeting to approval, and who will continue to walk with me as we move toward matching and placement.

Thank you for helping me to become approved to become a mommy!

What a year this has been!

When I went in to sign the papers, my social worker already had four sibling group profiles for me to consider (each one consisting of two children).

I ruled out one group right away based on the information she had, and we put my name forward for the other three.

None of these groups may work out, but it is exciting (and a little overwhelming) to imagine that I might soon be a mom to two or more children!

And so the matching process begins…! Continue reading Home Study – Approved!

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Home Study – first draft

Becoming a parent through adoption is not for the faint of heart.

There are so many times that this process will test your desire to become a parent through this channel. The process will push you and pull you and prod you and challenge you – and if you’re still standing at the end, then maybe you have the gumption it will take to become a parent to children who have been through a lifetime of experiences already.

I’ve often wondered if the entire process is set up for this reason, to weed out the weak-willed, the uncertain, the light-weights, so that only the sturdy, certain, committed remain.

These kids will need the kinds of parents with staying power and perhaps that is the point…

Home Study – the first draft…

Reading through your life history as written by someone else is bizarre. Continue reading Home Study – first draft

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Happy Canada Day!

 I am Canadian.

It feels nice to be able to say that and today marks my very first Canada day as a Canadian citizen.

So much has happened in the last 11 years since I first set foot on Canadian soil, I’ve backpacked, lived in hostels, met and travelled with amazing people from all over the world. I have worked at some interesting and crazy jobs far out of the field of expertise with which I arrived.

I’ve been on crazy adventures that make me shake my head and smile as my mind says, “I did that”.

Some of the greatest highs of my life have been here in Canada. Some of the deepest lows too.

Canada is the place where I opened my heart and lived – really lived – courageously, outrageously, and, yes, sometimes selfishly, out loud. Continue reading Happy Canada Day!

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The Future – Travelling with kids

I love travel.

I love the excitement of seeing something new. I love the actual “travelling” part of travel – the flight, or the car ride, or the motion of a ship when on a cruise.

I love being in motion.

And I love experiencing the incredible beauty in the world with its magnificent colours and the ever changing landscapes.

Sampling foods is another enjoyable part of travel for me – not to the extremes, you won’t catch me eating live grubs or anything – but tasting the flavours of each location even in everyday foods is another part of travel that I enjoy (note: pizza is not the same the world over!). Continue reading The Future – Travelling with kids

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Adoption – Still on the path…

Therapist weighs in:

If you remember from the last post it had been suggested that I undertake therapy for the purposes of demonstrating I was sufficiently healed from my past and ready to be a mom.

When Theresa, my adoption social worker, emailed to book an appointment with me to discuss the next steps I was excited. This meant the therapist had weighed in with her and I would find out where we were now in the process.

However, I still had a tentatively booked appointment with the therapist for the weekend before the meeting with Theresa. So I called the therapist and asked her if we needed to keep the meeting.

She told me that she had provided her report to Theresa, so we cancelled the tentative appointment, and then followed up with “if you want to schedule an appointment after you have met with Theresa to discuss the outcome, I will be here for you.”

Uh… sure. Continue reading Adoption – Still on the path…

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When I became my own best friend…

Guest Post for Create Write Now

It is such an honour to be invited to guest post on another person’s blog. It is an even greater honour when the blog is not only a site that provides heartfelt advice for personal transformation, but is also about a topic close to my heart.

This week I got to write a guest post for Create Write Now.

Create Write Now focuses on changing your life through the medium of Journal writing. This is an inspired site created by Mari L. McCarthy, who is an author, coach, guide, mentor, journal writer, and musician.

I have been journaling (almost) daily since 2003 and found my greatest friend in the process.

Here is my post:

When I became my own best friend…

“In 2003, after years of dreaming about it, I changed my life by embarking on a solo adventure from Australia to Canada with the intention of moving countries permanently…”   Read the full post here.

If you have never written in a journal or have not thought of using your existing practice of Journaling to change your life, check out Mari’s site. You will find a stream of information on using this wonderful practice to connect with your best you. Something – I feel – we should all strive for in this short lifetime.

Whether you are interested in changing or enhancing your career, losing weight, unleashing your inner creative god/goddess, or connecting with the deepest parts of yourself, Mari has the tools to do this.

Please take a moment to visit her site, as I am sure you will find at least one key to open your life to new, exciting, possibilities…

Warm smiles and Love,

Ali Jayne 🙂

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Time to switch off the TV

February – TV has reached it’s limit!

I have to admit. I love TV.

Not just TV shows, though I love them too, but my actual TV. I love the big screen, the fact that it plays (with my direct request of course, not by itself!) all of my favourite movies, shows, and an occasional game. I love that it’s always there, always ready, always providing background noise when I need it. I love that I can pause, rewind, fast-forward, and record (OK so that’s my digital box, but you get the picture!)…

I love TV.

However, as I move toward becoming a mom, I feel like there are many things I want to achieve before that happens. I want some momentum in my creative life (writing/editing) so that when we are united I will have developed habits that will *I hope* continue well into our future. Continue reading Time to switch off the TV

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Time to de-clutter

Time to De-Clutter…

I attended a 3 hour yoga workshop for the root chakra on Sunday (I’ve signed up to a weekly class delving into one chakra at a time) and to begin we started with a “check in”.

Our amazing instructor first gave us an outline of what the root chakra is for: grounding, security, stability, self-esteem, family, it is said to be the primal instinct, our fight or flight response… and then she went on to express her evolvement with this chakra over the years.

While I was listening to her and the others in the group talk about why they were here and what they hoped to achieve, I started to feel my answer to the question formulate. Continue reading Time to de-clutter

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