A “go” for transfer

My next appointment was not with my regular doctor because he was away, I had to see someone else to get my test results.

When I made the appointment I’d asked to see my doctor’s wife, at his suggestion, but she too was not working that day. So I told the receptionist that I just needed results and any doctor would do.

She had said there was one doctor available, then said the doctor’s name so quietly I had to ask her to repeat it.

When she did, I said that would be fine. I’d never heard of this doctor but I just needed results…anyone would do!

There was a pause on the phone and then she said, “are you sure?” as though surprised. I told her it was just to get results and it didn’t matter. She replied, with “well, okay, if you’re sure.”

You know when something happens that without context seems weird and you cant quite put it out of your mind?

That’s how I felt about this conversation.

The day of the appointment, I was able to put this into context…

As I waited I wondered what she would be like. A female doctor, I haven’t had one of those for a while.

There were not many people waiting and I was called almost immediately.

This was new, my doctor is always flat out busy and there is always a wait. Even when you are moved from the large waiting room to a consulting room you wait there for a good 10 or more minutes before my doctor sees you.

So when I was moved to the consulting room, I expected a long wait.

The nurse who brought me there said “don’t worry, she is really lovely… very sweet.”

A weird thing to say.

I pulled out my phone to play a game and didn’t even get to open the app, when she walked in.

She was all smiles, a huge contrast to the ultrasound experience earlier that morning, and had a bubbly demeanour.

“What can I do for you today?” she all but sang.

“I just need the results of an ultrasound.” I said.

“Oh, exciting,” she said with a smile, a laugh, and a waggle of her eyebrows. (Truly!) Then she asked me who my regular doctor is and why I went for an ultrasound.

I answered the questions, using “prior to embryo transfer,” as my reason.

Then she asked me a few questions, like why the clinic wasn’t doing the scans. I told her I would be doing the transfer in the Czech Republic.

“Why there?” she asked me.

The truth is always easiest, “Cost, and the chance to see Prague.”

“Interesting,” she said, “I see.”

She was still smiling and all bubbles. Bubbles would be her nickname if I were the granter of nicknames.

Then she turned to the computer to look for my results.

She said, “oh you have some legions, and oh…some polyps too.” She looked at me waiting for a response, a smile still on her face as she waited.

The smile was starting to be unnerving.

“Yes, yes, thank you.” I replied, trying to gloss over those because I didn’t want to worry about them to be honest, in fact, I just wanted to ignore them altogether as I didn’t know how they would affect the transfer or a successful pregnancy.

I just wanted to believe all is well.

All I needed to know from her was whether my lining was thicker than 7mm. I asked the question.

She smiled and told me that Yes! It was 10mm!


She printed off my results and then said some ‘jokingly’ inappropriate comments…(and here was my context)

It went like this.

“Well, good luck in the Czech Republic.”

“Thank you.”

“Hope you have a good time.”

“Thank you.”

“What if you have a Czech baby?”

“Sorry?” (did I hear her right…?)

“I mean, what if it doesn’t speak English?” She laughs delightedly at her own wit.

Umm…? I wasn’t sure what to say so I averted her eyes while reaching for my coat.

Gaining momentum she continued, “What if you have the baby and it doesn’t understand you because it’s Czech!”

Oh boy, did she really just say that…? This is so inappropriate.

I headed for the door, it was getting too weird for me.

“Good luck with your Czech baby!” she exclaimed with a laugh, “I hope it speaks English!”


As I walked away from the consulting room I could still hear her giggling at her humour… I don’t believe she meant any disrespect by the comments, I think she thought she was being funny, lightening the mood, or being friendly. There was no malice in her disposition. A bit like years ago when I met my boyfriend’s grandma and she referred to my Italian background as “woggy”. She didn’t mean any malice in that either, she was just unenlightened about racism and how hurtful or inappropriate her words could be. I assumed this doctor was in a similar boat. Unenlightened.

At least I had my results!

I sent them to the clinic immediately.

The doctor replied right away to say things were looking good and that the polyps are a bit of a concern but not a great concern.

Good enough for me!

This clinic has been amazing so far with communication. They always respond right away, the doctor especially, if questions are asked.

I’m super impressed. And would highly recommend this clinic to anyone who was considering a Frozen Embryo Transfer or other IVF procedure in the Czech Republic.

The response from the nurse at the clinic was to start taking progesterone on the Saturday, two doses, 12 hours apart, and she signed off “See you next week!”

Next week! Holy.

And now it felt official. I was preparing my magnificent body for pregnancy.

We are a “go” for transfer!


Warm smiles and Love,

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2 thoughts on “A “go” for transfer

  1. Ugh…what if the baby doesn’t understand you! That’s the dumbest thing ever and I have heard a lot of dumb things haha. It’s cool you’re writing this blog…someday your son or daughter will get to see how much he or she was so wanted and how loved he or she was long before birth 🙂

    • So dumb! Terrible…! I’m grateful I have an amazing family doctor and hope he never takes another vacation!!
      <3 Thank you Alicia, I hope they are happy that I wrote about it and not mortified (read: teenage years!). 🙂

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