Beta Blood Test Results – post FET

Beta Bloods – First Three Results

I’d had my beta blood tests done at, 13dp6dt, 16dp6dt, and 19dp6dt.

On the day following the 19dp test I had an appointment with my doctor.

The first thing he said when he walked through the door into the consulting room was “Congratulations! You’re pregnant!” then he said, “whoops, you did know, right?”

Yes. I told him I’d done 15 pee tests in the past week! I’d become obsessed with testing each day because I was so happy to see two lines I wanted to see those two lines every day.

He laughed and understood, he and his wife had been down this road before and he knew how exciting those positive results were.

Then he pulled up the results to share with me:

Blood test HCG results:

13dp6dt = 486

16dp6dt = 1971

19dp6dt = 5232

He was very happy with the results and said those numbers looked good.

When I got home from the appointment I googled the numbers and found they were good, high even compared to others at the same point in their pregnancies. This made me feel incredibly grateful.

That little blastocyst I saw on the screen was a strong little sucker, and was doing all the things he/she was meant to be doing to become a human. I was really proud of my little nugget, and of my body for doing the right things to support the growth of my nugget.

At this appointment he asked me how I was feeling.

I’d had some symptoms:

  • Tiredness
  • Nausea, all day nausea
  • Constipation for an average of two – three days, followed by a day of diarrhea.
  • Sore boobs.
  • Heavy, warm boobs.
  • And the need to pee CONSTANTLY! As soon as I was done peeing I felt the need to pee again, it was like having a UTI without the searing, burning pain.

So far, I told him, I was controlling the Nausea with food, small amounts of food every few hours and Powerade. The constipation I was hoping to regulate with more vegetables in my meals and a daily dose of prune juice (have you tried this stuff?? Blech! But does the trick!). And the heartburn I took an occasional Tums. There was no cure for the need to pee or the tiredness and I was just living with it.

He wrote me a prescription in support of the nausea, it was a management plan that is safe for pregnancy and involves a pill at the same time every evening, then 1-2 during the day if needed as a boost. They are slow-release pills and keep the nausea at bay all day.

Because I was coping so far, by having a few crackers or apple/pear slices, I decided not to take them at this point.

He also wrote me a requisition for an ultrasound and wrote “URGENT” on it.

I asked about the Urgent part and he said, he wanted to make sure I got an appointment right away.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work and I waited a month for an appointment anyway.

Then he suggested he could try an ultrasound in his office. He told me the equipment he uses is not very strong, and mostly used for much further along in a pregnancy, but we might be able to see something. He reassured me not to panic if we see nothing at this early stage.

So I hopped up on the bed and he tried the ultrasound.

Nope. We couldn’t see anything.

He asked me to come back the following week with a full bladder and we’d try again.

I didn’t care that we didn’t see anything, the beta bloods were strong multipliers and I felt on top of the world that it was confirmed…by my doctor…

I AM definitely PREGNANT!

Warm smiles and Love,



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2 thoughts on “Beta Blood Test Results – post FET

  1. Okay…I have to ask…what is dp and dt. I have seen these abbreviations before and I never know what they’re referring to. I think it’s time I finally asked my favorite blogger 🙂 Otherwise a big YAY to the great progress for you and baby.:) 🙂 🙂

    • Hi Alicia… dp = days past, and dt = day transfer. So 21dp6dt means 21 days past the transfer of a 6 day embryo (6 day transfer). I had to look up all of these abbreviations when I first started looking into embryo transfer too! Some of them still stump me! 🙂 And thank you! 🙂

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